About Alchemy Hypnotherapy

Alchemy Hypnotherapy is natural brain chemistry creating positive change.

Alchemy Hypnotherapy combines the powerful scientific combination of Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy with the very best aspects of Mindfulness, NLP and the latest Neuroscience.

We will help you to resolve mental health issues, overcome life challenges, and to succeed in your goals. We offer a potent fusion of science and intelligent energy promoting self-improvement.

Change happens through a seemingly magical process that results in personal transformation, focusing on restoring chemical balance in the mind and the body and promoting health and happiness. Our unique techniques, which have gravitas and respect in the field, are proven through extensive research to achieve positive, quick and long-lasting results.

The hustle and bustle of modern day life can sometimes create an imbalance that can flood the brain and body with destructive stress hormones such as Adrenaline and Cortisol.

These are great for making you braver and stronger should you need to defend yourself or run away from a physical threat. But they are not what we want to feel healthy and relaxed in our day-to-day lives.

Whether you come to our clinic in Penarth or work with us through any of the online options, we will help you to reverse this pattern and produce Nature’s Happy Reward Neurotransmitters that you need to cope better with your life and enjoy being you.

We work with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to cause a holistic shift. We embrace the old ways of healing where there was no division between spiritual and physical practices, but our contemporary scientific expertise informs our work to be relevant to modern living.

Using The Reality Formula R = I x V (Reality = Imagination x Vividness), you will visualise your future new self and take tangible and measurable steps towards that chosen destiny.  

Natural Brain Chemistry Creating Positive Change!

Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy

The Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy we offer is the conversational part at the start of each session.

At Alchemy Hypnotherapy, we share the latest medical neuroscience and relevant information that will help you make sense of what has been going on for you and how you can make positive changes.

You will learn skills, techniques and brain training exercises that you can practise in your everyday life, to lead a healthier more balanced life and, whatever your circumstances, help you to cope better.  

We focus on the present and the future, only occasionally referencing the past to gain a perspective on your situation and informing ways to move forward positively. It is about finding, rediscovering and strengthening yourself and building resilience into your integrity.

Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy

The Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy offered is the relaxing trance part of the session when what has been discussed is processed and utilised by your subconscious mind.

You rest on the therapy couch and relax into a special sleepy state of mind called Trance.

This is a very natural state for us humans.  The brain loves Trance, as it can do all sorts of important things like healing, restoring, reviving and improving mental and physical health. You will remain in control at all times.

This is important so your subconscious can unlock negative patterns and start to replace them with new positive and healthy versions. So each time you get off the couch you will have moved towards your new future happy self.

This is totally different from stage hypnosis when the person remains the same after the hypnotist has brought them back to a conscious state.

The Trance state entered in Medical Hypnotherapy is like a safe rehearsal space for you to practise being the you that you want to be. The language patterns are laden with metaphors containing Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions and Positive Interactions which set off the desired natural brain chemistry. 

This advanced technique also helps to speed up the therapeutic process and is very enjoyable.

Our Partnership With You

Natural Brain Chemistry Explained

With Alchemy Hypnotherapy, you will learn a range of holistic techniques backed by fresh, up-to-date science that commands success.  

The Language Patterns we use and the solutions you come up with are laden with Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions and Positive Interactions flooding your brain with Nature’s Happy Reward Chemicals, including

  • Serotonin = Happiness
  • Dopamine = Anticipation of Happiness (eg something you are looking forward to)
  • Endorphins = Calmness and Euphoria (eg after exercise, meditation and hypnotherapy)
  • Oxytocin = Bonding (eg when holding your baby, cuddling your child, holding hands with a loved one and intimate relations) as well as Pride (eg feeling good with yourself).
  • Noradrenaline = Coping with Stress (the counterbalance to Adrenaline)

All of these also have important roles to play in Pain Control & Management (eg Oxytocin is stronger than Morphine)!

You can literally rewire your brain and this will impact on your overall health by boosting your immune system and by helping your brain and body’s restorative capabilities!

We can work with you at our clinic in Penarth or via Skype / Zoom online.  We also offer a range of online workshops, courses and special events.

As you become your own Alchemist, you will naturally create new neurological circuitry that will realign and transform your life.

Alchemy Hypnotherapy helps you to get on track, and stay on track.

Self Hypnosis

You will receive a FREE Alchemy Hypnotherapy Neurofit MP3 (RRP £19.99) to fall asleep to each night during the process.  This helps to bridge the sessions and, very importantly, influence the quality and productive nature of your sleep.

You are effectively taining yourself in Self Hypnosis so you can harness these techniques and practise the natural brain chemistry, effectively writing your own presecriptions for the rest of your life.

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