Hypnotherapy for Fertility

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“The positive reputation of Clinical Hypnotherapy for Fertility is spreading!” (Psychology Today)


An infertility-free zone

“How does one cope with any situation rife with uncertainty, where the only solution is a resolution of the problem?

Those in an infertility struggle are in this exact situation.

Anxiety can continue to mount unmercifully. The only relief comes from learning coping techniques which are less about problem-solving and more about letting-go. Of the letting-go approaches, hypnosis ranks at the top.

The positive reputation of Clinical Hypnotherapy for Fertility is spreading. Many patients are seeking out this service from a licensed, hypnotically trained mental health professional.

Below are a dozen reasons for you to investigate this approach:
1. Hypnosis at the time of embryo transfer yielded pregnancy rates that were double those of the controls. (Eliahu Levitas, et al., “Impact of Hypnosis during Embryo Transfer on the Outcome of In Vitro Fertilization — Embryo Transfer: A Case-control Study” Fertility & Sterility 2006)
2. Hypnosis can be an ultimate mind/body awareness activity and can reaffirm your femininity.
3. Hypnosis or self-hypnosis allows you to feel back in control because of your active participation.
4. Post-hypnotic suggestions can enhance receptivity.
5. Hypnosis can take you under the turbulence to an “infertility-free zone.”
6. Hypnosis can support medical treatment, holistic care and even natural conception.
7. Hypnosis is relaxing.
8. Hypnosis can calm fears.
9. Hypnosis can heal heart-ache.
10. Hypnosis can become a safe haven which is renewing and revitalizing.
11. Hypnosis can help you remember who you really are.
12. A hypnotic trance can convert stumbling blocks into building blocks for navigating the emotional rubble created during the journey.”

By Helen Adrienne LCSW, Psychology Today Magazine, June 2012


“We are over the moon, I could not wait to tell you last week that I am pregnant.  After four years of trying, after countless appointments with consultants, after trying all the quack remedies I could find on the internet…finally I’m pregnant and we wish we had found you sooner!  Over the 8 weeks my whole family and all my friends saw me gradually but significantly becoming calmer and more relaxed about everything in life.  How I’d react to any given situation was became so much less stressful…and…just as I finally knew I had re-found my true self…the person you asked me to describe in the Initial Consultation…just as I felt I was her again…I knew…I knew deep down inside…and Andy could see my excitement as I went to get the pregnancy test from the chemist and even he too was convinced as I went into the bathroom…and oh boy the joy as I came out with the positive result!!!  We did another to be sure and went straight to the doctors that week…we’ve now had the second scan so I’m happy to write this testimonial and to tell you we are having a baby boy!!!  Thank you, Penarth Practice!!!  I was going to write you a testimonial anyway to say how much happier, calm and relaxed I am and how much healthier this has helped me be…but blessed be…a baby boy!!! R.E.S.U.L.T.” (Sandra, Cogan)

So why not add Hypnotherapy for Fertility from Alchemy Hypnotherapy to your pregnancy solutions plan?  You have everything to gain!

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