Hypnotherapy for Sport Performance

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps sporting goals.  

Focus and concentration, mixed with relaxation and motivation you’ll quickly learn how to “get into the zone” and gain that psychological edge when competing!

We draw on our extensive experience in this field with Lightbulb Performance Solutions and The Penarth Practice to provide brain training for sport and performance. Discover how to harness “The Neuroscience of Winning”!

Learn how to zone in to win!

* Set your goals

* Sharpen your focus

* Perfect your skills

* See yourself winning

* Immerse to achieve

* Ignite your destiny

Participants will also see these benefits become positively noticeable in their home life, their work / college / school life and in their social life!

It is well known that professional sporting teams often use psychologists to help their players gain that all important advantage and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may be crucial in providing that all important edge to help you improve your game.

We all possess what we metaphorically term as a ‘stress bucket’ and when our bucket fills up then our ability to concentrate on our game can suffer.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help a client empty their ‘stress bucket’ through harnessing the power of positive thinking and using trance – which is a safe and natural process.

Reducing that stress bucket load for any sporting person is vital as it’ll help their mind to be focused on what they want to achieve and help them to think like a winner!

That ability to push yourself forward at Mile 20 of a 26.2 mile marathon can be hinged on your ability to be able to think in a positive way and that comes down to engaging that all important “can do” mindset!

Hypnotherapy isn’t just useful for runners or team players, a number of professional boxers have also been known to embrace Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help them achieve that all important advantage over their opponent.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also help improve your golf handicap by adding a dimension to your personal focus as well as by reducing general and competitive stress.

So, if you are looking to help yourself to improve your game, or if you are looking to generally improve aspects of your life, then contact Alchemy Hypnotherapy to see how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may work for you!

David Beckham (Football), Tiger Woods (Golf), Lee Westwood (Golf), Jack Nicklaus (Golf), Roger Federer (Tennis), Jimmy Connors (Tennis), Nigel Benn (Boxing), Glenn Catley (Boxing), Kevin McBride (Boxing), Mary Lou Retton (Olympic Gold Athlete), Michael Jordan (Basketball) and countless other sporting champions have used Clinical Hypnotherapy to significantly enhance their performance…so can you!

Alchemy Hypnotherapy is Natural Brain Chemistry Creating Positive Change!

Learn from The Specialists

Gareth and Enfys trained in Hypnotherapy for Sport Performance at the world-renowned centre of excellence The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training College in Bristol!
The course was delivered by Glenn Catley DHP, HPD, MNCH, AFSFH Lic who himself harnessed the power of Hypnotherapy for Sport Performance to become WBC Super Middleweight Champion of the World against all the odds (a real-life classic “Rocky” story), along with the eminent David Newton DHP, FAPHP, MNCH, MNCP, SHS, SQHP, Sup Hyp – the man who gave Glenn the Hypnotherapy that created his confidence, sharpened his focus and enhanced his skills to take him to the top of his sporting tree!
His professional boxing career began on May 27th 1993 when he beat Rick North on a unanimous decision in his home town of Bristol.
Within his first year, Catley had notched up 7 straight wins and was given the opportunity in November 1994 to compete against an iconic British Boxing Legend – Kirkland Laing. Glenn stopped Laing within 5 rounds which elevated him up through the British Rankings and a step closer to his first goal within the paid ranks of becoming a British Champion.
The next three years would see him develop as a recognisable charismatic figure on the British Boxing scene and on January 10th 1998 Catley had positioned himself as the Mandatory Challenger to face long standing British Middleweight Champion Neville Brown.
After eight compelling rounds, Brown failed to come out for the 9th round and Glenn was declared the winner and British Middleweight Champion. The explosive fight was noted as being one of the best British Championship fights ever to be screened on Sky Sports.
In the same year, Glenn was unexpectedly given the opportunity to contest for the WBC Super Middleweight World Championship with only 11 days’ notice against fellow Brit Richie Woodhall. Glenn lost to a 12 round controversial decision, which was noted from media and boxing critics alike as being a complete travesty of justice for British Boxing.
This controversial loss enabled Glenn to gain in defeat and positioned him to fight Eric Lucas for the WBC Super Middleweight Final Eliminator. The fight took place in Montreal on December 10th 1999, where Glenn stopped Lucas in the 12th and final round to secure his position as the WBC Super Middleweight Mandatory Challenger and challenger to new Champion Marcus Bayer.
Catley’s second opportunity for World title success came on May 5th 2000. He left nothing to chance and relieved the judges from determining their decision as Glenn knocked out Bayer in the 12th and final round to become the WBC Super Middleweight Champion of the World.
“Soon after turning Pro, I was invited to spar with the legendary Irish boxer and world champ, Steve Collins,” said Glenn. “He was using Hypnotherapy long before most others in boxing or other sports were aware of the potential and I could see there was something in it – he was impenetrable when he was ‘in the zone’ and I knew then that I should try it for myself!” he added.
“When I had a chance at the British Middleweight Championship, I looked up Hypnotherapy in The Yellow Pages and I chose David Newton from The Clifton Practice to help me and I’ve never looked back since! Hypnotherapy gave me a whole new level of awareness and focus, it sharpened specific skills and for each fight, I created new in-fight strategies and post-event visualisations that meant, by the time I got in the ring, it was a done deal that I would leave the winner!”
“I now teach Hypnotherapy for Sport Performance and what Gareth and Enfys learned is unique and very powerful. It’s a combination of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, with elements of the very latest cutting-edge Solution Focused Brief Therapy and I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in Sport, whether you perform by yourself or in a team. This will help you achieve your goals!”



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