A Series of Practical, Interactive Transformational Workshops

Featuring the very latest research in

* Neuroscience

* Neuroplasticity

* Neuroendocrinology

* Neurocardiology

* Psychoneuroimmunology

* Clinical Hypnotherapy

* SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy)

* Mindfulness

* NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

* CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

* How Quantum Physics affects our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing



  1. The Neuroscience of Stress, Anxiety & Depression and How to Take Intellectual Control

How the brain works. How Stress, Anxiety & Depression can be created. How they can affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. What we can do about it. The Intellectual Mind vs The Primitive Mind. Your Boss, your Secretary, your Health & Safety Officer and your Security Guard and how to get them working for you. The Conscious Mind & The Subconscious Mind. Trance explained.

  1. Neuroplasticity – The Science of Changing Your Mind

A look at a range of mental health issues and personal life challenges including Sleep & Relaxation, Bereavement, IBS & Digestive Problems, Confidence & Self Esteem, OCD & Compulsions, Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Pain Control and how to move forward positively by concentrating on strengths and solutions. How to create a flow of the brain’s “Happy Reward Chemicals” (Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins, Noradrenaline and Oxytocin) to help you deal with any life challenges today, next week and ongoing.

  1. Neuroendocrinology & Psychoneuroimmunology – How Your Mental Health Affects Your Immune System & Physical Health

How You Think is How You Feel. If you knew that your thoughts, every one of them, were having a direct impact on your health, would that make you want to take a more mindful approach to thinking? We consider training our bodies with nutritious food and healthy exercise, so why don’t we apply a similarly selective discipline to our thought patterns? Realise your health potential, and become the master of your thought processes. Reign in and release those negative ‘issues in your tissues’ and allow your body’s natural healing energy, your powerful psyche, your creativity and your personal chemistry to flow efficiently. Learn how to stop getting in the way of your innate apothecary ability to prescribe the perfect potent Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine for you. Neuroscientists are now proving, with the latest cutting edge Psychoneuroimmunology, what the Mystics, Yogis and Healers have known for thousands of years. The emotional reactions you have to events in your life set off a series of neurological triggers that act as catalysts that impact profoundly on your immune system. The key to good health is a happy, calm and relaxed attitude towards life. Homeostasis includes our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as the physical. You are what you eat and you are what you think! Learn how to think in a way that will make you feel good, help you to recover more quickly and stay healthier.  

  1. The Happiness Formula

Neuroscientists are deciphering the traditionally complex formula for human happiness and realising that it doesn’t need to be difficult or made complicated in any way. Archetypal understanding of achieving the often illusive state of happiness is widely defined through the acquisition of financial or materialistic gains.

However, that hasn’t proved too successful. Humans have developed their environment and lifestyles at a colossal rate, yet the human biology hasn’t changed for tens of thousands of years.

No shock then that we often struggle to cope mentally, feeling that we’re still in the jungle suffering a constant flux of crisis or emergency. This isn’t living, it’s surviving!  Prescribe yourself, and take daily doses of, The Happiness Formula. There are no drugs involved, but there are side effects! We’ll give you the ‘Happiness Cake Recipe’ then all you need to do to get the best deal out of being you, and improving your personal health and wellbeing, is practise growing the best ingredients and then ‘bake it to make it’!


  1. The Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude manifests success as the brain believes you are already happy, healthy and wealthy. The brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality so just by imagining your desires, just by seeing yourself as you would like to be and feeling blessed and grateful for having already reached your goals, will focus your mind into that successful direction. Learn how to silence the out-of-control part of the mind that creates false realities in an attempt to self-sabotage your plans. Utilise the past to inform the present and reframe all problems into solutions. Fix yourself and allow your new-self to fix the rest of your life. Belief is the spirituality of science, and the understanding that we are part of everything and everything is a part of us. We’ll show you how to anticipate happiness so that happiness is yours. Turn your back on your demons and learn to find, welcome and work with your angels. Positive people attract positive people!

  1. The Gift of The Present

The past has gone, and so too have all the influences that made it different. The future is yet a story that we can playfully create with our imagination. But today, in this fabulous here and now, all is ‘real’ and for these transient moments we live. We can either be thankful and enjoy each precious moment or we can choose to waste the ‘gift’ of the ‘present’. R = I x V (Reality is Imagination x Vividness).  It’s a potent ‘virgin cocktail’ of natural chemicals. Neuroplasticity allows us to change our personalities by changing our personal realities. You can decide which reality is yours. Black and white? Beige and grey? Or the full kaleidoscopic spectrum? By learning how to be ‘in the moment’ and take a solution focused Neuroscientific view, life can always be better. The Game of Life is meant to be easy and fun but you need to know the rules to win!

  1. Mind-Body-Spirit Enlightenment

Understand how the brain works, how we can suffer in the ways that we do and what we can do about it. Learn about the different parts of the brain that are responsible for retaining homeostasis in mind, body and emotions. Appreciate the incredible honour we have of being in charge of the operation and development of potentially the best and most efficient supercomputer in the world. Building personal positive neurological networks and reaching out to connect with the Universal Energy and the Collective Consciousness. Find out how our primitive behaviours and patterns sometimes interfere with our mental wellbeing if we are not in control of living a balanced lifestyle and feeding our innate human needs.

  1. Be The Boss of Your Brain

Learn how to take control of your brain and get the best deal out of being you by understanding the Neuroplasticity of how the brain is continually changing. This is the science of changing your mind – how you can change your hardware, not just your emotions. Get to know your internal neurological staff.  Instantly reduce mental absenteeism and improve emotional productivity.

Be the best boss you could ever have, instructing the secretary part of the brain so that he / she can be the most efficient PA possible and hire a benevolent guard to defend your wellbeing. Forget top-down, bottom-up, management and enjoy a refreshingly different experience of harmonious self-management and solution focused workplace wellbeing. Learn how the latest Neuroscience shows us how to benefit from gaining intellectual control over your mind by utilising your natural resources that are there waiting for you to discover. And all this by trusting yourself and giving yourself time. When it feels right, it feels good.

  1. Leopards *Can* Change Their Spots

We are manifesting all the time. The question is, are you mindfully manifesting and consciously creating the life you want? The very latest Neuroscience confirms humans’ natural ability to create abundantly. This incredible prowess does not unfortunately match our mastery in adaptation. This can hinder keeping up with the process of changing organically at the speed at which we create. The body and mind has a propensity to switch on a control default that locks us into certain behaviours or patterns that we have grown accustomed to and therefore feel comforted with a false sense of security. Rapid change can unsettle us as we cling to what we think we know is safe. Neurogenesis shows that you can teach an old dog new tricks – your brain can create new neurons, new neural pathways and new neural networks no matter how old it is. To step outside our comfort zone produces healthy neurological pathways that promote feelings of happiness and braveness, helping us to cope so much better with the changes we have instigated. Learn how Enlightenment and true destiny-control can only be achieved if we stop doing the same things. Stop thinking the same way and start doing something different. Discover the origin and formation or your personal Enlightenment and own it!

  1. Be Your Own Creator

The afternoon is dedicated to practising The Neuroscience of Being You. Step out of your ‘Comfort Zone’ and into your ‘Learning Zone’. Interactive exercises will steer participants down the tunnel of their own subconscious, so they can get to know their new virtual workspace and start training their ‘internal staff’. The course will end with a group special meditational-trance session to embed information and create new neurotransmitters, pathways and networks. Practice makes perfect so we’ll begin right now!