Workplace Wellbeing & Stress Management

Cutting down on substantial levels of Workplace Stress isn’t just good sense for business as it has a beneficial effect on employees, but it can also help staff morale and improve productivity.

Alchemy Hypnotherapy provides Solution Focused Workplace Wellbeing courses and workshops to companies, charities and other organisations who value their staff’s health and happiness and who understand their legal Duty of Care as responsible employers.

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“The annual percentage of cases of stress a year is 40% of all work-related illnesses.”  (Health & Safety Executive)

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“This staggering reality makes stress the biggest occupational health problem in the UK, costing the economy and local business in the region of £6billion a year.”  (CBI / Pfizer Survey)

If you are an employer who cares about the people who work for you and wishes to introduce a highly-effective and cost-effective Workplace Wellbeing Scheme, call us on 02921 409218  to discuss options for all budgets!

Alchemy Hypnotherapy is Natural Brain Chemistry Creating Positive Change!

Workplace-induced Stress, Anxiety & Depression can manifest in different ways

For the individual, Stress, Anxiety and Depression are feelings, which are there for a reason – they are indicators to warn us that we may wish to recognise, address or change the things in our lives that cause us such worry…but all too often these days, we find ourselves in situations that we cannot change overnight and these primitive emotions take over.

They could lead to a range or a mix of physical and emotional illnesses, depression, sleep deprivation, exhaustion or chronic fatigue, hypertension, migraines, cluster headaches, panic attacks, tunnel vision, acid reflux disease, hostility, hunger, weight loss, weight gain, arthritis, decreased immune system, decreased metabolism, eczema, psoriasis and skin issues.  Stress and Anxiety can also be the root cause of alcohol and drug addiction or dependency.

Sometimes, the pressures of home, work or even social factors conspire to cause the mind and body to respond in one or all of these ways.

Medical Hypnotherapy is the single most powerful psychotherapeutic tool for Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Alchemy Hypnotherapy offers an extremely effective mix of Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness to help you find and focus on your own, achievable solutions, to relax and let go of your problems (perceived or real).

We can help you get back on track and stay on track!

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